Music Chart Programs

Each week, groups and soloists duke it out in front of a live studio audience. They perform their latest hits and the most popular artists of the week receive an award. Scoring is done by a combination of fan voting, online music video views, digital music and album sales, radio plays, and professional preference. 

Music competition shows

Artists compete for a chance at fame - whether they want a second chance after their original debut (The Unit), they want to be the next K-pop sensation (Produce 101 and MIXNINE), or they want recognition in the scene (Show me the Money). Contestants have to go through a series of cuts each week until only the best remain, based on judges' scores, fan voting, or both.

The Unit



Produce 101


Show me the Money




These television series originally air during primetime or late-night on broadcast and cable networks. Producers usually only make one season with 12 to 24 episodes running about an hour each, two consecutive nights per week. Most are filmed hours before airtime, putting extra pressure on the cast, but allowing writers to listen to fans and adjust the scripts as needed.  


My Love from the Star

Master's Sun


You're Beautiful

Boys over Flowers

Web Series

Once released these series, similar to TV series can be streamed online.Typically, web series run shorter than their television counterparts. Although shown only on Naver TV Cast, YouTube, and other online networks, these shows have the cast caliber of a the more traditional K-drama.

Ruby Ruby Love

After School: lucky or not

Exo Next door


Choco Bank


Reality & Variety shows

Whether it's a series of games and quizzes in studio or adventuring around the world, reality and variety shows are a huge hit. Many of then include idols and actors as guests and are edited with graphics and effects that look like GIFs or memes as a way of interacting with and relating to young viewers.  

Historical Dramas

Sageuk are usually period TV series, but can also be films. They depict storylines based on true events or works of historical fiction. This genre uses Korea's ancient history as a backdrop for a single season of hanbok-clad intensity with a dash of humor. Historical TV dramas can have 50 to 200 episodes, running an hour each. 

Jewel in the Palace





Queen Seon Duk


Moon that embraces the Sun


Korean films are globally recognized for their quality using advanced technology and highly talented actors. Films across all genres have become popular on streaming sites, including Netflix. Many have been translated, dubbed, and some even re-made in other languages so people all over the world can fully experience the stories and cinematography. 

The Admiral: Roaring Currents





Along with the Gods: the two worlds

Ode to my Father